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Vehicle loans

Arunodhaya believe in partnering in your growth. It is this belief that enables us to support small and medium transport businesses as their finance partner, and help them to grow their business. We offer Vehicle loans on attractive and flexible terms for both New and Used commercial vehicles across segments, ranging from first time buyers to large fleet owners. The product offering covers small commercial vehicles to tractor trailers and buses.

Car loans:

Are you buying a vehicle? Are you thinking of getting a car? Are you thinking of getting a car loan? As you do your research and collect all the information you need to make an informed decision, you're probably not like to sit back and say to yourself, "Hmm, I wonder from where would I get a car loan from?" Not likely, right? Yes…now fulfilling your dream to own a car is made simple.

You can get loans up to 90% of ex-showroom price of your new car or the assessed value of your used car, with flexible repayment options. But now that we've mentioned how much loan you can avail help us find the best suited options for your need by giving us some information about yourself. One of our Relationship Executive will get in touch with you to give you complete information about the loan that we feel would be most suitable for you and to assist you with the application formalities.

  1. Identity proof.
    •   > Copy of PAN Card
    •   > Copy of Passport
    •   > Copy of Driving Licence
    •   > Copy of Government ID card
    •   > Copy of Voter ID card
    •   > Copy of Company ID Card ( for select Corporates)
  2. Address Proof.
    •   > Copy of Passport (Can also be used as proof of identity)
    •   > Copy of Telephone Bill (both landline and post paid mobile connection)
    •   > Copy of Driving licence
    •   > Copy of Voter ID card
    •   > Copy of Ration card
    •   > Copy of Electricity bill
    •   > Copy of bank statement ( computerised statements only)
    •   > Copy of Life Insurance premium receipt
    •   > Copy of any title deed( Sale deed/ Index II)
    •   > Copy of Property tax receipt
    •   > Copy of Leave & License Agreement
    •   > Copy of latest credit card statement
  3. Salary certificate, IT return or assessment order as a proof of income
  4. Quotation/proforma invoice - for a new car/ new two-wheeler
  5. Valuation certificate from two reputed auto dealers - for used car

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