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Property Services

Arunodhaya Property Service is one of the popular firms with managing the properties in Bangaloreā€¦ As a Property Owner, protecting your investment is our top priority. You will receive the industry experience of real estate professionals that will manage every aspect of your property from leasing to move-out. Our goal is to protect your investment and provide quality living spaces that appeal to tenants. We value positive tenant relationships, recognizing that a happy tenant will pay rent on-time, report repairs in a timely manner and take care of the property. That includes assess and inspect a property, market valuation, maintenance, identify a property for investment or liveā€¦ Having more than 25 years experience in Bangalore, We continue to grow today with our original intent and values that provide an ever-improving robust array of services.


> To increase your Quality of life.
> To increase your Wealth.
> Stress free life.

We provide our clients with management Solutions, to make sure that our clients are happy and secure about their properties

We have dedicated staff carrying out house checks, maintenance and customer service.

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