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Pension plans

Retirement brings an end to the era of regular income. Today an increasing number of people have started planning for their retirement. Pension Plans from insurance companies ensure that regular, disciplined savings in such plans can accumulate wealth over a period of time to provide a steady income post-retirement.1)The accumulation phase when you are saving and investing during your earning years to build up a retirement corpus.

Child Plans

Parents have a primary responsibility to ensure that their child gets the best possible education that can be provided. With competition in every sector and core competency being the core word in every business, only the best talent gets noticed. Hence every parent would like to give the best possible education and would like to engage them in extra curricular activities. They want to ensure that their development is not hampered either due to rising costs or unforeseen circumstances.

Endowment Plans

Endowment insurance policy is specifically designed to provide life insurance cover for a specific time period. It is a combination of a risk cover with financial savings. Most people take this policy if they want to purchase a product that provides both insurance cover and savings. Often, the maturity amount is used to supplement the pension income. This policy, although coming with a high premium payment, has worth its value.

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